Innovation at the service of agriculture since 2003

Farm Chemicals is a Spanish company specialized in the formulation and commercialization of specialty fertilizers.

With 14 years of experience, Farm Chemicals is present in several countries in Europe and Asia, extending his international perspectives every year with the intention of becoming a reference of the sector all around the world. In this sense the company has a global attitude and commitment, with the ultimate aim to create value for all stakeholders, including society in general.

Aspects such as sustainable agriculture, climate change, efficient management of resources and care for the environment are always present in the company, which is transmitted to the quality of our fertilizers.

Farm Chemicals has the most advanced technology that allows you to optimize your resources and generate special fertilizers, which have a more effective development compared to traditional ones.


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Our Values


We innovate every day to offer the most specialized fertilizers of the sector, favoring a better management of the natural resources.


We only use the best raw materials and manufacturing processes for your cultivation to develop optimally.


We are passionate about agriculture. It is the basic pillar of a fair society. That is why we try to find solutions that will protect its conservation.


«Food and Agriculture are part of the same entity»